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Implementing Surveys for Data-Driven Marketing

Sports and other live entertainment organizations thrive off understanding their fans. You can try to guess what fans want or go off demographic clues (e.g., you have lots of millennials in your audience, so you should anticipate short attention spans). Or you go to…

How to Create the Ultimate Fan Experience Featured Image
New Report: How to Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

“Teams are beginning to understand that there is additional value beyond being a ticketed customer.” Game Day is no longer just about the game. Fans can now interact with teams and brands in ways you couldn’t have dreamt up twenty years ago. But while…

Why Sports Marketers Need to Act On GDPR… Now

As we hurtle towards May 2018, many teams and venues are still woefully, yet very understandably, underprepared for the implementation of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation). This may seem like an IT or BI issue, but GDPR affects the day-to-day heartbeat of the…

3 Ways Venues Monetize Stadium WiFi

WiFi is no longer a nice perk for stadiums and arenas—it’s a must. With the popularity of photo and video-driven apps like Snapchat and Instagram, along with file sizes getting better with every new high-res iPhone camera, fans expect to be connected at every…