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3 Ways Venues Monetize Stadium WiFi

WiFi is no longer a nice perk for stadiums and arenas—it’s a must. With the popularity of photo and video-driven apps like Snapchat and Instagram, along with file sizes getting better with every new high-res iPhone camera, fans expect to be connected at every…

Swansea FC Stadium
Leaders 2017: The Future of Sports is Already Here

“Technology will literally impact every aspect of sport,” Swansea City FC’s Steve Kaplan declared at a Leaders Week chock-full of provocative content and endless networking. And while technology and its disruptive impact on the sports industry is now a table-stakes theme for all of…

Top 10 Pro Teams Header
Top 10 Sports Teams on Social Media [Infographic]

From teams to venues to players and even mascots, the sports industry is all in on social media. And for good reason: fans are eating it up. 175.5 million sports fans interacted with posts for Super Bowl LI alone and the majority of younger…

infographic featuring revenue-maximizing fan segments
Reaching the Right Fans with Audience Segments [Infographic]

You’re never going to have trouble selling some of your events—your home openers, playoff games, and if you play host to non-sports events, concerts for bands like U2s or Guns N’ Roses (yes, still!). But what about your other events? Those middle-of-the-season, middle-of-the-week, middle-of-the-day…

Fans from Turner video
Uniting a Fragmented Sports Ecosystem

The fundamental need every sports brand has is to find, grow and sustain an engaged fan base. Over the past few years, it’s become clear that the best way to accomplish this is through rich data that provides insights into how, when and where…