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Umbel's Digital Genome® empowers media companies with the most actionable data to identify, monetize, and grow their audiences like never before.

Your audience is valuable. How do you prove it?

Umbel analyzes billions of audience traits across your properties and devices to match the most valuable segments with the most valuable advertiser leads. Take your Umbel Profile Sheet directly to advertisers and brag about your audience in a way you’ve never been able to.

Turn audience insights into higher CPM rates with Umbel.

Umbel identifies new premium segments that can return 10 to 75 times more revenue than non-premium sales.

Umbel helps you recapture the revenue you’re handing over to ad networks; that’s 32% on average.

Seeing is believing.

To really experience the magic of Umbel, you’ve got to see it in action. Connect with us below and we’ll schedule a personalized demo to show you how Umbel can increase the value of your digital audience.

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