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Umbel helps you securely collect first-party customer data and combine all of your existing data from multiple sources to give you a complete view of your customers. Learn how we help sports and entertainment companies, brands and retailers create high-value segments in seconds and personalize millions of customer journeys.


Create High-Value Customer Segments in Seconds

Umbel integrates all your data across online and offline channels. We clean the data, eliminate duplicates and enhance customer profiles with additional third-party data. You can also collect first-party data to grow your marketing reach in minutes with our CRM Acquisition Tool, even without technical expertise.

With our intuitive interface, you can sort and query this data and create the exact customer segments you want in just seconds. Umbel continually syncs this valuable data back to your existing systems, so you can reach the right people, with the right messaging, via the right channels, in real time.


See all of your customer data at a glance or dive deep with our beautiful, easy-to-use interface. Create high-value customer segments to make data-driven decisions and increase ROI.
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Umbel’s proprietary Digital Genome® technology processes petabytes of data into actionable insights in seconds, so marketers can customize campaigns better in real time.
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Our mission is to make data the most valuable asset you own. That's why we built the world's best platform to make data visual and actionable, while protecting the data rights of all.
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“Umbel is a powerful tool to identify our customers' demographics and interests. The data insights help us find new customers similar to existing ones and cost-effectively drive ROI.”

Chris Nohara, Product Manager, ASICS
How data helps drive mobile sales & increase brand awareness

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