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Ashley Kahler
Ashley Kahler
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Sr Director, Partnership Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We activated a digital platform for JetBlue that hit their key objectives and utilized these engagements to build our internal database with new customer records.”

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Chris Kaiser
Phoenix Suns
Director Of Marketing & Brand Strategy

“We’re collecting useful fan data, getting quality leads and selling tickets. We love it.

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Sharilyn ACL
Sharilyn Mayhugh
Austin City Limits Live
Director of Marketing

“We’re seeing huge conversion with our reach extension campaigns. Our ROI has been anywhere from 24x on the low end, all the way up to 47x.”

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Selection of Umbel clients: Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, Austin City Limits Live, Indiana Pacers, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Formula 1, San Antonio Spurs, toronto international film festival, Circuit of the Americas, Brooklyn Nets, Minnesota Timberwolves, AEG Presents, Turner, Sony Music, Arizona Coyotes, Florida Panthers

Want to get really data driven? Meet first-party data.

First-party data is your data you get from your fans.
This is how we get that (first) party started.
magnet pulling in ID cards depicting fan faces and their data

Grow your fan base

Bring your customers and unknown fans into focus with detailed profiles—collect rich data with engaging campaigns on any channel including web, mobile, social, check-in, and more.

circle depicting a full view of a fan including demographics, ticket purchases, opened emails, social activity, and location

Manage data

Combine your new data with other sources (email, CRM, etc.). Cleaning up your data and enhancing it with other demographics gets it ready for you to use.

Browser with icons depicting various demographics with scaled sliders

Know your audience

Identify unique segments from demographics, behaviors or brand affinities. Compare different segments and export audience lists for targeting on their favorite channels.

two hands reaching out to collection of data icons, dollar signs, ticket stubs, and a gem

Drive revenue

Where the magic happens: once you’ve found the ideal customer, reach them or lookalikes with high ROI campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more.

Who are your fans?

(Besides us)
Two faces with icons above each including a ticket stub, a basketball, play button, TV, football helmet, and a dog paw

Collect and act on real-time data to understand fans, sell more gameday tickets, and drive sponsorships.

Two faces with icons above each including a drama mask, a pizza, and a music icons

Capture fan data at festivals, venues and other live events to increase ticket sales and engage your audiences.

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