Fan Activation

Interactive campaigns grow your reachable fanbase.

Use Activations to…

Unknown fan with a gem above her head.
Activate unknown fans
ID cards showing fan data
Gather rich, first-party data
Receipt and a gold medal.
Offer rewards & content

Why fans love Activations

Illustration of various hands taking pictures, holding a ticket, using apps.

Not just about the event

Event organizers are competing with bars, homes, and other events. People aren’t just coming for the game or the music—they’re coming for the experience.

They’re fun. Period.

If you want fan data, you better make it worth their while. Check out how you can engage and delight fans below.

Excite fans like never before

Magnifying glass focusing on a ticket to demonstrate better ticket sales

Getting to know event-goers

Ticket resellers and groups make it tough to know who’s coming to events. Activation campaigns help discover those fans and take the guesswork out of ticket sales and marketing.

Pair of hands grasping a diamond

Vital social data at your fingertips

Social authentication in our Activations gathers rich data about new and existing fans, including demographics, likes, and interests. It’s sent into our platform for you to run personalized campaigns.

Three sets of bars on a browser screen depicting campaign analytics.

More digital sponsorship inventory

Offer brands and businesses the opportunity to sponsor or co-sponsor anything from wi-fi logins to scratch-offs, and give them more metrics than a billboard can ever give.

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Up and running by…yesterday.

Create and launch engaging campaigns on your website, mobile app, check-in, email, and more in minutes from our customizable templates. Or let our creative team do the work start-to-finish.

Ready to engage and activate fans?