Home Opener Scavenger Hunt

Gather data on fans during the biggest event of the year.

Fan data is key to your success throughout the season

Ah, the season opener: excitement in the air, new beginnings and your team is in first place with a 0-0 record. But, it’s not just the start of a new season—all the buzz creates the perfect opportunity to collect valuable fan data and helps keep your stadium full as the season goes on.

Fan data provided by your fans when they’re excited and engaged will give your sales team an edge when selling those hard-to-sell games later in the season—looking at you, mid-day, mid-week, low-ranked opponent game.

But can you collect this data in a seamless and engaging way?

Umbel has the perfect offering for your data collection efforts on opening day: a Scavenger Hunt! Drive your fans to locations online and in-venue all while collecting valuable data—email, age, brand affinities and more. Your team can customize the Scavenger Hunt to best reach your fans. Choose up to four digital Activations from:

  • Meme generators (text or image)
  • Basic or custom forms
  • Trivia
  • Polls

How does it work?

Once you’ve selected the Scavenger Hunt you want (locations and digital assets), Umbel will deploy it online and can even help you drive awareness with email or social campaigns. After the event, you’ll receive a detailed report on the success of your Scavenger Hunt. Reports will include number of engagements, number of conversions, brand affinity insights, email addresses, demographic overview and more.

This report and the data now living in your Umbel property, helping your team create more effective campaigns as the season progresses.

Want to get started? If you’re already an Umbel customer, reach out to sales or your Customer Partner. If you’re not (yet), request a demo to learn how we can help you reach your most valuable fans.

Which fans do you want to reach?