Engagement Campaigns

Gather Insights and Grow Your Fanbase

Engage Fans & Collect Data on Every Channel

Engage fans and acquire data with Umbel's engagement campaigns. Collect rich data across every channel and customer touchpoint including your website, mobile app, check-in/scanning process, email, social, broadcast and more.

Gather Interests, Brand Affinities, Demographics & More

Umbel’s engagement campaigns use social authentication to gather rich data about your fans, including their likes and interests. The data is sent directly to the Umbel platform for you to analyze, segment and to create personalized marketing campaigns.

Customize Design for Engagement Campaigns
easily collect customer data with engagements

Connect Sponsors Directly to Fans

Add sponsorship inventory with new digital assets, and create a cohesive experience for sponsors and fans across all channels. Provide sponsors with detailed engagement metrics, fan data, and even lead lists.

Numerous Ways to Engage

Choose from a wide range of engagements including contests, meme generators, quizzes, leaderboards, and check-in/scanning tools. Control the user experience and maintain your brand with flexible features. Customize copy, control design and launch anywhere.


User Generated Campaigns

Users create, submit and/or vote for entry, points and more.

Sweepstakes & Contests

Users complete a set of activities over time and earn entries or unlock items.

Voting Promotions

Users vote using social, clicks or SMS

On-Pack Promotions

Users enter a code to unlock coupons, content, entries and more.

Pick'em Game

Predict/pick the outcome and if correct consumer earns extra entry, unlock items, etc.


Users complete a set of activities over time and earn points to redeem for store items.

Watch & Win

Consumers engage in activities during a broadcast that earns them entries, instant win, rewards, etc.

Unlock Code (Coupon/Content)

Users swipe, scratch, twist, etc. to earn entries, unlock items.

Meme Generator

Users create, submit and share for entry, points and more.

Lead Pages (Sign Ups)

Users enter in a customized form to unlock coupons, content, entries and more.

Scratch Off

User scratches off an image to unlock coupons, content, entries and more.

I Am Quizzes

Consumers complete a series of questions and their answers determine their outcome, etc.

Task-Based Sweepstakes

Users complete a set of activities over time and earn entries or unlock items.

Trivia Game

Users answer a set of questions, and dependent on percentage correct can earn entries or unlock items.

Tradeshow Booth Activation

Encourage conversation, speed up intake, and drive awareness.

Content Activation Hub

Users can view, share and engage with social and branded content.

Employee Advocacy

Encourage employees to share, participate and learn about company culture, messaging and brand.


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