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Kicking Off a Cross-Channel Segmentation Strategy

Whether you want to call it omni-channel, multi-channel, or cross-channel marketing, the modern marketer’s goal is to reach people wherever they are and drive conversions on whatever the right channel might be. You’ve done the work to identify those channels, and you’re even probably…

Brand Sponsorsips
7 Social Media Insights to Share with Your Sponsors

While social media began as an “add-in” to partnerships, it’s become a must-have for any sponsorship strategy. And sponsors aren’t just asking to throw some social media posts into their contracts — they increasingly need proof of ROI and ROO. We’ve not only seen…

Target Your Most Valuable Fans [Free Guide]

When you look at your team’s schedule before the season starts, there are always certain games that jump out. It’s not the rivalry games or the ones that fall on holidays that your eyes hone in on. Instead, it’s often the games you know…

How the Phoenix Suns and Florida Panthers Leverage Fan Data

Just as sports fans have become experts on their favorite teams, those teams have needed to become experts on their fans. Sports organizations should no longer simply lump their fans into two categories, die-hards and casuals. With the ability to collect and combine data about…

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Infographic: The Necessary Ethics of Data Collection and Use

The average business pays $4.3 million in costs from lost customers resulting from data breaches. And that’s just a portion of the costs, which also include the costs of detection, notification, post-breach response, and one that cannot be ignored, the reputation of your business….