Get Deep Audience Intelligence Where It Matters: From Your Ads

Have you ever wondered, “What more can I get from all these ad campaigns we run,” and fundamentally believed there must be more than just basic metrics that indicate the success of an ad? Well, you’re not alone.

Whether you run ads, video or sponsored content on your owned properties or other networks, the insight available on “who” is actually engaging is surprisingly limited. Not so with Umbel.

Umbel’s intelligent segmenting capabilities will track and display the people and data behind the ad metrics to completely differentiate your ad reporting and performance capabilities.

Granular Customer Intelligence sans Third-Party

Unique to the market, Umbel’s Intelligent “Segments,” also known as “Intelligent Ads,” not only track standard metrics based performance of a particular ad, the ads are also accompanied by extremely rich audience analytics on the people who actually engage with the ad itself. Simply attach Umbel tags to your content, and see who is engaging in real-time within Umbel’s dynamic visual dashboard.

Umbel empowers participating partners who use our Intelligent Segment Ad product to track and gain in deep insights into audience:

  • Demographics  
  • Brand Affinities
  • Locations & Devices
  • Work History and Skills
  • Interests, and more  

This type of granular detail allows partners to use this intelligence to make immediate changes that increase conversions and fulfill delivery guarantees. Also, because Umbel’s analytics are rooted in the foundation of 1st party data sets, we are able to confirm the value of your audience and eliminate the possibility of the type of robot traffic that has plagued the digital advertising industry as of late.

The additive value of rich audience analytics accompanied with pure ad performance “metrics” allows our partners to articulate the premium value of their audiences and enables them to tell much more comprehensive stories in sales pitches. By arming your sales teams with data-driven strategies and supporting visualizations, Umbel positions them with a differentiated offering to the market, as well as justification to up-sell existing customers. It’s truly transformative across the sales landscape. 

Imagine yourself as a digital ad salesperson and being able to:

  1. Use all of your existing metrics and sales materials
  2. Incorporating the ability to offer Umbel’s Intelligent Segments/Ads
  3. Guaranteeing to hit metrics and proving the value with custom analytics

Considering the fact that marketers hear the same pitches and see the same materials and metrics over and over again, you may want to consider incorporating Umbel’s unique value proposition into your own sales processes. Offering deeper intelligence simply provides higher value to your clients.

Paid Media Campaigns That Pay Off

One additional benefit we have yet to touch on is some of the tangential benefits these powerful data sets provide to its users. Now that we’ve been able to capture the most engaged users across multiple ad campaigns, the data signals of these “power” users are extremely accurate and useful when applying the multi-variant, data-driven targeting strategies across paid media campaigns. 

It works like this:

“Uncovering what motivates audiences to buy our products and services is not something we were able to assess with this level of precision in the past.” – Allen Noren, VP of Online & Digital Initiatives, O’Reilly Media

  • Manage and track ad campaigns (start/end, money spent, CPA, etc.)
  • View the impressions funnel (Views, Engagements, Shares, etc.)
  • Extract millions of data points on the users who are most actively engaging
  • Apply the data points in Umbel’s custom built ads API to target “look-alikes”
  • Drive people with the highest propensity to engage with that ad to that ad

In all, Umbel’s Intelligent Ad Segments provide the sales and advertising markets a much-needed innovation during a time when it’s absolutely essential to differentiate your product and services. It’s effectively progressed a standard ad-unit from a terribly flawed, metrics based, online currency, into a completely holistic solution supported by precise data-sets and the eventual application of those data sets to grow the reach of the original ad placement itself. It’s comparable to the introduction of the passing game in the NFL – i.e. it moves the ball forward in exponential ways with the same goal in mind: scoring touchdowns, only this time, with more points.