What is Reach Extension? Advertising at Scale

This year, marketers around the world will spend $137B on digital advertising. Google, Yahoo and Baidu will dominate a significant share of that ad spend, but there is a rapidly growing market for social advertising across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram. 

Of course, social media usage isn’t a new fad — but no longer are users coming to these sites primarily from their desktop. Instead, 78% of Facebook users, 75% of Twitter users and 41% of LinkedIn users are mobile. 

Currently, more than 50% of mobile ad spend is paid to Google — despite the immense advantages social media ad platforms offer. What’s the hold up? The native tools for building ads on social media networks, especially for mobile, are relatively weak for advanced media buyers. More so, this lack of advanced interfaces has created a vibrant ecosystem of vendors, each competing for a fraction of the media buys their clients place. 

“Currently, more than 50% of mobile ad spend is paid to Google.”

It makes for a confusing market, especially when you consider that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have their own preferred marketing providers — with special access to their ad APIs — that don’t necessarily outperform any of the other options out there. 

Truth is, most of these social media network ad providers work quite similarly. In general, they provide workflow management, the ability to purchase ads in bulk, reporting and statistical models for optimization. While the technical underpinnings of these tools may be complex, the result for the user is largely the same  —  more relevant ads that are optimized based on how a given audience performs.

Of course, you first have to know how a given audience performs. Advanced ad buying platforms, then, absorb behavioral data points and make adjustments across the campaign. This is where most ad buying platforms they have built a majority of their technology  —  optimizing campaigns once they have statistically significant data.

At Umbel, though, we do things a bit differently.

When we designed Reach Extension, we began with a different concept and kept our core principle in mind  —  audience is everything. We built a product that uses superior data. The robustness of the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ads APIs comes from the fact that they have enormous amounts of data on their users. Umbel’s smart data platform unlocks identical insights that map directly to social Ads APIs, guaranteeing that ads are as targeted as possible without sacrificing scale. 

The quintessential job of marketers, of course, is to know and understand their audience. But social advertising requires much more than the traditional marketers knowledge-set concerning their audience. 

Simply knowing that your target audience is a millennial is no longer enough. What type of millennial is your audience? In other words, what brands do they follow? What causes do they care about? What types of food do they eat? What types of alcohol do they drink? Who are they? Really — who are they?

“It’s about knowing your audience — in real-time, in a real way, to produce real results.”

Umbel’s Smart Data Platform answers that question, and break your audience down into personality profiles, if you will, or “cards” as we like to say, that help you to connect the dots between the multitudes of people who like and interact with your brand, and complementary ones as well. For example, Umbel can show you, within seconds, that your VIP ticket purchasers are of a certain age group, earn a certain income, own instead of rent, and have affinities towards SkinnyGirl Cocktails, drive Mazdas, want to drive Teslas and watch very little ESPN. 

And that knowledge makes our Reach Extension offering more robust, sophisticated and ultimately more successful than the simple ad buying platforms out there.

Almost immediately, you know, as a marketer, what kind of copy to write, what kind of images to produce, what types of sponsors to pitch to for your festival’s VIP tent and, best of all, how to run an advertising campaign at scale on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. 

Umbel does not need to dedicate large portions of your advertising budget toward learning the behavioral and social identities of your audience — because we already know who they are before we get started. 

It’s about knowing your audience — in real-time, in a real way, to produce real results. That’s our Reach Extension product, powered by proven business benefits. Oh, and some pretty fancy data algorithms, too.