Use Data To Unlock Secret Targeting on Facebook & Twitter

In my last blog post, you learned how to use hidden customer data to segment your email list in a variety of valuable ways the average marketer cannot. So how does this impact targeting on Facebook and Twitter? With a few simple steps you can leverage your segmented customer data to massively improve the targeting and accuracy of your social campaigns.


› Customer Emails Grouped into High LTV Segments (learn about LTV here)
› Activators


As many advanced marketers probably already know, you can target users on both Facebook and Twitter by uploading a list of email addresses. Aha! Luckily, if you followed my last blog post you’ve already used your CDP to create segmented sets of customer emails by LTV, interests, demographics and web actions. So now, not only can you email users with a high LTV who are also male, over 25 years old and like Fox News, but you can also reach them with hyper-targeted ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter, too. You can use this tactic to upsell existing customers, get more purchases from high value users (think e-commerce) or target ads to people in your email lists who aren’t customers already.


If you don’t have emails to upload, you can still set up activators and use the high level insights to inform your Facebook and Twitter campaigns. Each of these methods will take your campaigns far beyond the basic targeting offered by Facebook and Twitter and enable you to target only the users who are likely to convert.

By following this tip, you’ll be able to more accurately spend your social PPC dollars targeting the right people.  

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