Reaching the Right Fans by Comparing Segments

Reaching fans isn’t necessarily what sports and entertainment companies struggle with—it’s reaching the right fans with the right message. Umbel users have always been able to find and act on their most important audience segments, but we just made it a lot easier to compare and contrast major (or very narrow) groups in your audience. Read on to find out how it’s done and why your fans will love you for doing it.

How Our Segmentation Works

Segmentation helps marketers understand the demographics, brand affinities and behaviors of their fans. They can use this information to personalize outreach and retain current fans or target new people who fit the profile of an ideal fan. Marketers can hone in on a specific segment like 25-34 males who are single and own a home in New York. Or it can be everyone except 25-34 year old males who are single and own a home in New York. Aside from basic demographics, you can also create segments around:

  • Ticket purchasers in a specific year or for a specific event

  • Interests (like political causes or nightlife)

  • Specific brand affinities (people who like a specific snacks or visiting teams)

  • Behaviors (like people who engaged with one of your marketing campaigns)

Once you’ve created a segment, you can:

How Comparing Segments Works

Comparing segments is now as easy as AB. You just choose the segments you want and put them in either the A or B column to compare:

Options in the Umbel platform for different segments

From there, you can see how the different segments break down, or export them to share with your team:

Comparison of men and women within an audience in the Umbel platform

With that comparison, you can do things like:

  • Analyze how specific ticket buyers have changed year-over-year

  • Compare two segments to A/B test your marketing campaigns

  • Compare brand segments and tell a compelling story to current (or potential) sponsors

Your fans aren’t all the same, so take the opportunity to use your rich audience data to start reaching the right people with offers and marketing that will appeal to them.

Want to learn more about segmenting your fans and the compare segments feature? Or how to create more personalized, data-driven engagements? If you’re already using Umbel, you can reach out to your Client Partner for more information. If you’d like to learn more about what Umbel can do you for your company, click here to request a demo.

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