Stop Predicting What Your Customers Like — And Start Knowing

Today, knowing your ideal customer is “technical” or a “pet lover” is simply not enough. You need to know exactly what they like. Their interests determine where you place ads, what content to write and how to engage them again and again. Fortunately, you can do this by leveraging customer data to create actionable customer profiles. 



That’s right, you only need simple activators. We touched on activators briefly in my other blog post, but I decided they deserve their own blog post. There’s a lot of buzz about using “predictive analytics” to determine how you need to target users. However, with the right CDP and a few simple activators, you don’t need to predict which customers will make you money — you can know for certain. By tying customer interests to specific customer records you can engage them on a true 1:1 basis. Open your CDP, generate an activator (no dev required) and place it on gated portions of your site that get high traffic. 

Don’t have gated content? Place it on a sign up or confirmation page, the Wi-Fi at your store or run a new contest that requires the activator to enter. Next, watch as customer data starts flowing in and your marketing team lights up like kids on Christmas. You can now export the emails of users who are male, over 30, make $50,000 a year and love basketball, but not football. Exclude, include, or combine interests into customer profiles. Ultimately, these profiles will show what makes your customers tick.

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