Higinio "H.O." Maycotte


19 Nov: The Secret To Entrepreneurial Success? Informed Optimism

What happens when the initial excitement of launching your business has died down — when your family is having dinner without you every night, your investors are pressuring you for results and your top employees are leaving for more immediate rewards at well-established, successful…


05 Nov: 3 Rules For Delegating Your CEO Responsibilities

As CEO, are you giving someone else responsibility, but then constantly trying to control how they do the job? Google executive Molly Graham brilliantly describes this with a Lego-inspired metaphor about building businesses: “Everyone’s first instinct is to grab back the Legos that the…


29 Oct: Off-Sites For Startups: Balancing Costs And Benefits

There are times when gathering everyone together away from everyday responsibilities is just the ticket for re-energizing teams, recalibrating strategy and marshaling the resources to move your business forward with renewed strength and purpose. I think more and more people are recognizing the need…


17 Sep: Customer Data — Are You Giving It Away?

What if the company that is adding to your bottom line is actually slowly taking business away from you? If you run a business that’s been carefully collecting customer data to help deliver more personalized shopping experiences, make people happy with your high level…


20 Aug: The Importance of Coupling Data with Humanity

When news broke about the inner workings of Amazon in Sunday’s New York Times article, I was positively riveted. Reading about how heavily the company is said to rely on data to evaluate employees got me thinking about the role of data in employee-related matters….