Thanksgiving Day Facts to Increase Your Conversational ROI

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year has been a whirlwind! Over here at Umbel, we’ve doubled the size of our team, moved into the Seaholm Power Plant, threw a jam-packed SXSW kick-off party (and began the planning for our next one, as well) and so much more. This year’s success alone is reason enough for us to celebrate, and we sincerely hope things are the same for you. 

Of course, per usual, we wouldn’t leave you without some statistical fodder to take back to your friends and family this holiday. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most interesting Thanksgiving Day stats and facts, along with an infographic by Nationwide Bank. Feel free to use this data to up your conversational ROI – at least until the big game starts.

Thanksgiving Stats and Facts

  • 58%: Percentage of adults who will enjoy a nap on Thanksgiving Day. 
  • 10%: Percentage of shoppers who wait until the day before Thanksgiving to complete their grocery shopping
  • 16 pounds: Average weight of a Thanksgiving turkey
  • 70%: Percentage of white meat in the average turkey
  • 51,000,000: Number of turkeys consumers on Thanksgiving Day
  • 37: Number of places in the U.S. named Plymouth
  • 39,000,000: Number of families that will travel on Thanksgiving Day