We’re Looking for Data Rights Champions the World Over

Based deep in the heart of Texas, Umbel is a team of people dedicated to data rights, transparency and, ultimately, data for good. We advocate for data literacy, and work with big names like Facebook and Oracle to help ensure that every move we make toward a data democracy is in-line with those being made by the movers and shakers in the industry. 

You could say that we are a small – albeit quickly scaling – group with a compelling purpose: ensuring data collection and usage makes sense for the user, and produces ROI for companies. 

At the heart of our product are people – individuals just like you, who have opted in to data collection with their favorite and most trusted brands, including the likes of Vox Media, SXSW, TD Garden and more. For the user, all data collection methods are agreed-upon – AKA, we don’t and never will scrape anyone’s data nor collect it without their permission . For companies using Umbel as their data rights management platform and distributed data warehouse, the visualized unification of all data points (be it on-site actions, beacon data, ticketing data, social data or what have you) allows for the uncovering of unknown adjacencies that ultimately provide insight into exactly how a user’s experience can be made better each and every time they interact with said brand. 

Of course, none of us here at Umbel do any of this alone. We have with us the support of our founding data champions, and that of a luchador from Mexico who we fondly refer to as El Umbel. And, because we are all human and have passions and projects outside work just as much as we do within office hours, Austin provides an amazing work-life balance unparalleled in most American cities. 

It is no accident that Umbel calls Austin home, that we have a luchador as our mascot or that our work culture (and awesome parties) get press coverage in our hometown and from the coasts. Here, check out what founder H.O. Maycotte has to say about who we are, why were here and how you can join the team

On El Umbel – The Data Rights Luchador 

On Austin as Our Decided Hometown

On a Work Culture with a Work-Life Balance

Want to join the team? We’re always looking for data champions to help us fight the good fight. Check out our careers page and see if you’re a match.