The Brains Behind Big Data: Meet Umbel’s Chief Revenue Officer

They say the engineers behind the big data movement are experts at combining art with science. After all, big data is the visualization of the collective mathematics that drive online human behavior. None of that rests solely in one academia – it is both creative and computational. It is why teams of programmers work along-side teams of marketers to combine both left and right brained thinking strategies that will ultimately solve one of the business world’s most pressing issues: who exactly is your audience. 

The answer to that question, while elusive, is becoming less of a metaphysical benchmark and more of a tangible metric that can turn into serious revenue for nearly all industries. We aren’t talking just about knowing how your audience behaves on your site. We’re talking about making your audience data the most valuable asset you own, the teller of whether or not your audience trusts your brand, and of how well your brand caters to your audience. 

“Umbel takes the fear out of big data and replaces it with convenience and, ultimately, ROI.”

Here at Umbel, no one knows this better than Chief Revenue Officer Greg Brown, who has spent the past decade leading customer-centric companies to IPOs and acquisitions – all through the understanding that the people who trust the brand ultimately produce its revenue. With big data, that mantra remains the same: be trustworthy, scale consumer loyalty and watch as a company’s growth skyrockets.

That’s what we provide for our clients – the best practices and trustworthy data strategies that take the fear out of big data and replace it with convenience and, ultimately, ROI. Check out Brown’s insight into the world of big data and how clients can use it to their business benefit.

The Future of Big Data

“What is happening is that data exists in silos across an enterprise. The future, I believe, is in integrating that data and creating some sort of meaningful engagement between that organization and their end customer.”

Umbel’s Industry Non-Partisanship 

“Big data exists for every organization in every vertical around the world. Organizations have the challenge of taking all those disparate data silos, integrating them into one, and ultimately igniting their audience to create better engagement.”

Big Data’s Big Application

“Umbel can help organizations get to really know the individual rather than a code or a signal. That’s beneficial for organizations as it drives more sales.”

Umbel Drives Real Business Benefits

“It is difficult to get data out of systems. Oftentimes, organizations must rely on internal parties, data scientists and IT folks, to help them get that data. That can take a long time. At Umbel, we’ve built it so that any user within the organization has access to the data in a very visual display and can create action on that essentially through a couple keystrokes.”

For more information about how Umbel securely combines user social and behavioral data for all business functions, request a demo.