An Inside Look at the SXSW 2014 Startup Crawl

Austin, Texas has held the Number 1 spot on Forbes’ annual “Fastest Growing Cities in America” report for the past four years. For those who live here, it is obvious that Texas’ capital city is bustling with newcomers — many of them bringing in tech skills from some of the country’s most respected tech bubbles, including New York City and San Francisco. While Austin has always been smart (looking at you UT) and fun loving (shout out to 512 Brewing!), the influx of tech-minded folks from all corners of the country has made this city a ripe place to base a tech startup. 

And Austin’s leading startup incubator, Capital Factory, has certainly capitalized (pun intended) on this premise. “Turning people into entrepreneurs” through an accelerator program that counts big name companies as clients, including HomeAway, CrateJoy, Stripe, Indeed and more, is Capital Factory‘s claim to fame. And, to help foster the tech startup community culture here in Austin, the same way it has been cultivated in California and New York, Capital Factory hosts a bi-annual startup crawl. There, founders and employees can browse other startup ideas, make connections and get to know one another. The atmosphere is fun, fast and full of beer.

This year, Umbel had the opportunity to capture the data of attendees who RSVPed. Based on that data, we got a unique inside look at who attended. Check out some of Umbel’s findings in the video below — and get a feel for the tech culture that continues to grow down here in the Lone Star State.

Inside Look Powered by Umbel from Umbel on Vimeo.

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