The Brains Behind Big Data: Meet Umbel’s Chief Strategy Officer

They say the engineers behind the big data movement are experts at combining art with science. After all, big data is the visualization of the collective mathematics that drive online human behavior. None of that rests solely in one academia – it is both creative and computational. It is why teams of programmers work along-side teams of marketers to combine both left and right brained thinking strategies that will ultimately solve one of the business world’s most pressing issues: who exactly is your audience. 

No longer do mere numbers hold up to analytical pressure. We need more context than that. No longer do small-scale surveys drive business decisions. We need more volume than that. And no longer do expensive third-party reports ease our wanting for big data. We need more trust, privacy and ultimately more agency to act than that. 

“No longer do mere numbers hold up to analytical pressure. We need more context than that.”

What we need is the proper combination of social and behavioral data across technological platforms that perform both on and offline. And we need it to scale, in context and to have been collected and thus used with the knowledge and permission of the data-creators: the users themselves. 

Here at Umbel, Nick Goggans, our Chief Strategy Officer, is more aware of this crucial pivot point in business’ need for big data than almost anyone in the industry. After all, he has been in the data and analytics game for more than a decade. For him, the future of big data is personal – and Umbel’s platform works hard to secure the personal, make it actionable and turn the digital world into a mutually beneficial place for both brands and people. 

The Future of Big Data

“As big data evolves, what is going to go along with that is our ability to ask better questions because of our ability to answer them more succinctly.”

Umbel’s Competitive Edge

“The uniqueness of Umbel’s platform derives from its commitment to the individual consumer and ensuring that their data protection is solid.”

Digital Media’s Big Data Problem, Solved

“I believe there is an information asymmetry in media … There is a great opportunity with the amount of data being produced to allow for the distribution of media on a one-to-one basis at scale.”

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