Too Much Fun for One Video? You be the Judge

What? You thought that a big data company was all tech and no fun? 

Then you obviously didn’t attend our SXSW 2014 kickoff party! (You also obviously haven’t been to our office, but we can chat about that one later — or tweet about it. Twitter’s kind of our thing.)

Seriously, we’ve already posted all the pictures, given a big thank you to everyone who made it out, expressed our now very serious obsession with Local Natives music and now, in case you couldn’t get a feel for just how much fun that night really was, our new videographer (more on him later, too. Or you could tweet at him, though Twitter kind of isn’t at all his thing) was on the scene to capture the vibe the best way modern tech knows how: on film.

He caught some of the best dance moves of the night, had the luxury of watching the line grow from behind his lens, rather than actually having to stand in it, and got close up shots of the main act themselves. 

Umbel + Vox Media SXSW Kickoff Party from Umbel on Vimeo.

Don’t worry — this won’t be our last SXSW appearance. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to be kept up to date with all things big data and big fun. See ya next year!