The Future of Audience Measurement Is Here

It’s time for a brand new chapter in our company’s history.

We are thrilled to unveil our new brand, new website, and renewed vision for Umbel and MVPindex. After merging with MVPindex last February, we set forth on a path to become the new standard for audience measurement.

Today, we’re excited to extend our new MVPindex brand to both platforms to truly become the end-to-end solution in audience measurement. Umbel will now be renamed MVPaudience (powered by Umbel) and live under our new MVPindex brand. We can confidently say that the future of audience measurement is heredelivering real-time sponsorship valuation and audience intelligence driven by customer data.

Why now?

For too long, measuring social influence across properties was inconsistent and at times—subjective. Tracking engagements and impressions left room for interpretation of what “truly” counted, resulting in a lack of a standardized measurement for all to use. After all, how can you benchmark your campaign’s success when everyone’s using a different currency?

In addition, companies have been targeting the wrong audiences or sending the same message to the same audiences, not taking into account their unique interests and characteristics. This problem of not knowing the makeup of their  “unknown” audiences was leaving dollars on the table and wasting time and money for major brands, properties, and influencers.

End-to-End Audience Measurement


Since 2014, MVPindex has helped 100+ leading brands, properties and agencies rank, measure and value audience engagement and social sponsorships. Our index tracks the entire social landscape of sports and entertainment: reach, engagement, and even monetary value. You can measure not only how your campaign performs, but how much value it generates for you and your most valuable partners.

Furthermore, with the introduction of MVPaudience (powered by Umbel), you’ll not only know who influences them and what content they engage with, but also who they are and what they love. Engage your audiences to collect first-party customer data through digital activations and unlock key audience insights including brand affinities, interests and more. With this newly acquired first-party data, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and drive revenue.

Best of all, this happens in real-time. There is no need to wait weeks for a report to see how your social sponsorship activations performed or waste time marketing to the wrong audience. You can start collecting audience data immediately and reports can be generated daily. It’s that simple…and fast.

For the first time, the whole world of social influence is at your fingerprints: brands, teams, leagues, athletes, celebrities, influencers—and at the heart of it all, your fans.

Building On Our Successes

The introduction of our new brand marks only the beginning for the road ahead.

Now, brands, properties, and agencies can get a complete view of how well they are performing with their sponsorship activations and target audiences. After starting high-level and understanding their social media performance, they can begin to peel back each layer to uncover insights about the audience that is engaging.  

This is truly an exciting time for our company, we can’t wait to show you what is coming next. Until then, let us be the first to welcome to the future of audience of measurement.

Learn how to value sponsorships and activate audiences with MVPindex.

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