The Data for the People, by the People Revolution

Two years ago, we set out to solve a massive problem in the digital media industry: the lack of digital monetization. Unlike print and TV, digital media advertising is not a guessing game (actual numbers back ad dollars up, and those numbers change daily), and browsing the Internet is not a lean-back experience (people are usually looking for something, and if you aren’t it, they bounce — literally).

People on both the publishing side and the ad agency side rarely get what they want: lots of ad revenue and high conversions. But the state of the industry doesn’t have to stay this way, and for the sake of all digital media consumers in the world (aka, nearly everyone), please — make the banner and pop-up ads go away!

Let Data Journalism Reign

Our solution was Umbel, a smart data stack that favors the publisher, puts audience data back in the hands of the people you trust, and lets content creators, and the monetization teams helping those creators survive, make the Internet a better place for everyone. 

And digital media publishers are jumping on board. 

Today, two years after the launch of our Digital Genome® project, we’ve risen to the upper echelons of big data startups, so to speak, and we’ve done so with the help of media companies including Vox Media, USA Networks, Turner Sports, O’Reilly Media, The Daily Dot and Cox Media. 

It turns out, when you do the right thing — good things happen to you. And the right thing is making data rights transparent, being honest with users and letting content creators, our trusted gatekeepers since the beginning of the written word, guide us through the mud and the muck that is the Internet.

Where We’re Taking This

Umbel fully intends to change the way digital media is valued by introducing data rights as a core asset, shifting the way companies understand their audiences, democratizing data within an organization, and in the end, democratizing the way the Internet works for the people (yes, we believe in democracy online just as much as we do off).

The way we see it, it’s a new age for the Internet — and we’re making sure everyone gets to be a part of it. No scams. No breaches. Plain honesty. True transparency.

Because that’s what’s right.