SXSW 2015 Panel Recap: How Big Data Converts Fans Into Customers


Skepticism runs rampant when it comes to the big data space. It’s often pegged as overhyped, overwhelming, creepy, and less frequently described as important, necessary and useful.

Drawing on the expertise of four marketing mavens known for their groundbreaking achievements in the entertainment and sports industry, these big data stereotypes were quickly dispelled during Umbel’s SXSW Panel titled “How Big Data Converts Fans Into Customers.”

Moderating the panel was Umbel’s Chief Strategy Office, Nick Goggans with panelists Rob Laycock, VP of Indiana Pacers, Anthony Piedmonte, Head of Digital Initiatives for Bon Jovi, and Peter Scott, VP of Emerging Media for Turner Sports.

The critical relationship between the fan and companies are evolving, in large part because the amount of data available is scaling at an explosive rate. Nick Goggans of Umbel kicked off the session by asking the panelists how the dynamic has shifted with their fans now that so much data is available to them.

And with access to so much information, companies can explore new possibilities by segmenting their audiences and creating highly customized campaigns. Anthony Piedmonte of Bon Jovi Management, for example, explained that they are now moving from a generic marketing model to a surgical marketing model so that they can develop more meaningful relationships.

Other topics that were discussed were data rights of the fans, new expectations around KPIs for brands, and how physical and digital advertising has changed with big data. 

To watch the entire panel on How Big Data Converts Fans Into Customers, please click here