3 Can’t Miss Business in Sports Summit Sessions

Phoenix Suns, ESPN and LA Lakers — oh my!


Those are just a few of the recognizable names that will be speaking at the Business in Sports Summit on May 19-20 in Austin, Texas, where hundreds of attendees will have the opportunity to hear thoughts leaders from the NFL, NBA, ESPN and more speak on analytics, fan engagement and everyday practices that have made them successful.

As data continues to emerge itself into basically every industry imaginable, it’s crucial for sports teams to get ahead of the wave and understand the possibilities of incorporating data into your business strategy in any way that you can.


Here are three data sessions we’re particularly excited about:


The Role of Analytics & Strategy in a Modern Sports Organization

Day 1 – 10:10am


What metrics matter the most? Ranking important analytics and defining strategy can be intimidating. What technology do you use, what kinds of people do you need to hire and deciding on cross-team collaboration are just a few things you have to consider when incorporating analytics into your strategy. Join Ken Borkan, Manager of Analytics for the Phoenix Suns, where he will talk about the dynamics of building out an analytics and strategy department that is sustainable.


Sports Analytics – From Content to Monetization

Day 1 – 2:30pm


Content is king and that’s not going to change anytime soon. But people are flooded with content daily which means people will only engage with content that is relevant to them. So how can you create content that speaks directly to your fans? Don’t miss Alok Pattani, Associate Director of Sports Analytics at ESPN, where he will talk about how to incorporate your data analytics into your content strategy to create a captivating experience for your fans.

Leveraging Loyalty: Fan Engagement as a Strategic Advantage


Day 1 – 4:30pm


Besides the players, what’s the most important asset of a sports team — the fans and loyal fans. But how do you create a successful system of fan loyalty? In the new world of digital technologies, winning over fans should be easier — if you are doing it right. Be sure to check out thought leaders from Creators Global, Ominigon, Hookit, UT and the Canadian Olympic Committee, where they will discuss how to use digital to create an engaging fan culture that will keep your fans coming back for more.