5 Rockstar CDOs You Should Know About

In just the last few years, the recently formed title of Chief Digital Officer has emerged in executive offices as a response to the rapid evolution of technology. Often referred to as the new “it” position, Gartner has predicted that 25 percent of companies will have a CDO in 2015 and that CMOs are predicted to outspend CIOs on tech by 2017. 

The boom in information has companies seeking out a data wrangler   someone to make sense of their customer information and make a marked effort to customize experiences and tailor interactions to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

So who is part of this trailblazing 25 percent and who is doing it really well?

David Mathison, President and Founder of the CDO Club, has formed an annual conference to highlight current trends taking place in the digital space and brings together an impressive roster of speakers and panelists at the annual CDO Summit, taking place in New York this week on Wednesday, April 29th. From using big data to improving emergency management situations to curating art experiences, here are five individuals absolutely rocking the digital space.

Amen Ra Mashariki, Chief Analytics Officer, New York City

With an impressive background that includes Howard University and time spent as a White House fellow, Amen Ra Mashariki is tactfully navigating the unchartered space of leveraging the city’s open data policies to substantially improve city initiatives such as shortening emergency response times and improving public transportation safety.  

Christine Hung, Executive Director, Data Science & Engineering, The New York Times

As a response to the new ways of media consumption, Hung and her team use machine learning and big data business analytics to give readers a more relevant platform. While the print industry has suffered a severe blow due to the technological revolution, The New York Times has been able to thrive in the digital space by using data to evolve from a traditional newspaper to a technology and interactive media organization.

Jim Rosenberg, Chief of Digital Strategy, UNICEF

The nonprofit sector faces a unique challenge when it comes to gathering real-time information in remote areas. What used to take months to collect, organizations like UNICEF are now leveraging mobile data and social media sentiment for things like registering births, knowing which hospitals are running out of critical supplies and helping to reunite displaced children with their families. Jim Rosenberg has unified UNICEF’s digital strategy to maximize the organization’s efficiency.

Jessica Federer, Chief Digital Officer, Bayer

Federer aims to improve public health by embracing the digital revolution and using it to further the development of medicine at Bayer, while remaining loyal to the human side of digital relationships by ensuring that decisions are made in a way that pays attention to people’s habits and creating meaningful technology that seamlessly fits into people’s lives.

Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

With the intersection of the physical and digital, art experiences have become permeable allowing the content to go far beyond the confines of the just the gallery. Sree Sreenivasan is enhancing  the way we interact with art by expanding accessibility of art through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, but also integrating the use of technology while at the museum.

We are looking forward to exploring new insights with these individuals, learning about their data discoveries and hearing how they are using data to transform their respective industries at the CDO Summit in New York City this week.