Top Tips and Tidbits from #INBOUND14

Happy Friday, good people! It’s been one whirlwind of a week for us over here at Umbel, where we’ve spent the majority of our time focused on HubSpot’s INBOUND 2014 conference in Boston. 

We sent our marketing team to the event to network, learn and, of course, have a few lobster rolls and heavy beers. After all, when in Boston, do as the Bostonians do. 

While there, they got to hear from the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Martha Stewart and the HubSpot founders themselves, Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan – who introduced HubSpot’s new CRM tool, built specifically for startups and small businesses who cannot currently afford a platform like Salesforce. 

See, that was the point of the conference in its entirety. HubSpot was built with one goal in mind: give startups and small businesses the type of leverage that gets them noticed in the marketplace, and gives them a leg up over the legacy brands. In fact, since HubSpot’s humble beginnings at MIT, 712 new companies have made the Fortune 1000 list, proving that marketing automation doesn’t just work. It wins. 

Now, for the most part, our three Umbelers split up and conquered the three-day conference in which there were more than 170 sessions. From listening in on Harvard’s Chief Digital Officer’s session on what the heck a chief digital officer even is (given that everything is digital) to Tesla’s former content marketer who hailed from Kiva and is an expert in storytelling to gain an audience (hint: tell really good stories!), our marketing team came back to Austin full of good ideas and inspiration – even if one of their bags is still lost somewhere between Houston and Austin as this post is currently written. True story. 

Below, check out some of our favorite tidbits, talks and people from the conference. Promise, it’ll make you feel like you right there with us all along. 

Perry Hewitt, The Rise of the CDO

What do L’Oreal, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and McDonalds have in common? Like Harvard University, they all have CDOs. But what on earth does a CDO do in a world where almost everything is digital? A CDO is a means to catalyze change and to empower one person to accelerate digital capabilities across the enterprise.

Camille Ricketts, How to Tell a Brand Story People Will Love

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Increasingly, marketers are realizing how true this statement is. Content marketing — only recently a priority for marketing teams — has become an imperative for brands whether they are selling to consumers or other companies. But even those words obscure what companies really need to do to capture the hearts, minds and business of their customers: They need to tell great stories.

Branding and Big Data Inspiration

While the two sessions above were some of our favorites, there were speakers throughout the conference giving great advice on branding, data and doing what you love – because can tell if you don’t! Here are some of our favorite quotes and tips.

And Finally…

We had a great time at the conference. A big thank you to HubSpot for hosting and getting everyone together. We’ll be rocking out to Janelle Monae until next year!