Turner and the NCAA Find Fan Data Opportunities on Every Corner

During this year’s March Madness, thousands of fans flocked to Phoenix to take part in the 2017 Final Four festivities. Throughout the tournament, Turner Sports and event sponsors such as Infiniti and Capital One hosted Fan Fest and Tip-Off Tailgate. At these events, fans could take part in youth basketball clinics, contests, free throw challenges, sweepstakes, and more. While this was a chance for fans to engage at the tourney, Turner also used the chance to collect first-party data from some of their biggest fans.

Turner partnered with Umbel in order to deploy digital waiver forms at all these events, requiring fans to fill them out before taking part in the fun. The digitized waivers were easily accessible on iPads at the event or through the Final Four event app that fans could access on their own devices. They were able to transform a legal necessity into a fan activation opportunity: between Fan Fest and Tip-Off Tailgate, Turner collected 22,000 adult names and email addresses.

With these names and email addresses, Turner was able to use Umbel to start the process of reaching these valuable fans. This included the ability to:

  • Enrich profiles with valuable demographics and other data points including household income, family size, and more.

  • Combine existing fan data with who filled out waivers for more complete fan profiles.

  • Analyze and visualize what fans who participated in Fan Fest and the Tailgate were interested in, so they could make these events even better.

  • Activate fans with future campaigns to bring them back to other events they would be interested in, sell them relevant merchandise, and keep them engaged with content.

Turner’s events present massive data collection opportunities throughout the year, and the digital waivers at this year’s Final Four showcased a simple and straightforward way to give value to both the fans and the company.

Watch the video above to see just how Turner and the NCAA did it, and learn how you can use the same methods at your next event.

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