Umbel Kicks Off SXSW 2016 Interactive with Bloc Party

It’s that time of year again when Austin is flooded with tech enthusiast, film fanatics and music connoisseurs from all over the world.

You’re guaranteed to discover at least one new interesting technology or some innovative way brands use the week to market their products. A 3D printer drone that could be the future of how buildings are constructed? Or maybe Watson crafting specialty tacos at a nearby food truck? Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you — this is all totally expected during SXSW week.

Here at Umbel, we love this time of the year because Umbel hosts a full day of  official SXSW Interactive panels related to everything big data. This year, we have a compelling lineup of experts discussing a set of intriguing new topics related to music festivals, artificial intelligence and more. The panels will be followed with a #DataDisco at night with Bloc Party.

We’re excited to finally announce our SXSW 2016 activities. Drum roll please…


Friday, March 11, 11AM-12PM at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

What was once considered futuristic sci-fi has already become a reality, due to advancements in AI and big data. Robots performing complex surgeries, algorithms predicting our purchase behaviors, operating systems that talk to us and self-driving cars are already here. And as we continue to amass and analyze data, the more sophisticated machines will become. So is a machine takeover in the near future? Are robots in our homes, self-driving spaceships and genetically-designed babies just around the corner? Join our expert discussion on the future potential for AI and data, what’s already in development, potential dangers and how this will impact consumers.

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Friday, March 11, 12:30-1:30PM at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

Only a quarter of computing jobs are held by women today. Even worse, that’s down from a year ago. Only 5.2% of Fortune 500 companies are led by women. So how are data and digital driven jobs catalyzing change in the technology sector for women? Learn how women are using data-driven decision making to get C-Suite jobs and lead digital initiatives at their companies. Access to big data and the ability to drive business outcomes based on analytics has leveled the playing field, empowering more women to rise to the top and break gender stereotypes. In this session, you’ll hear about unique challenges, opportunities and lessons learned from women executives leading data-driven transformations.

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Friday, March 11, 2-3PM at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

From Bonnaroo and ACL to Coachella and SXSW, music festivals have gone mainstream, and they’re making hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This unprecedented growth has had a significant impact on musicians, fans and the economies of local communities. Hundreds of new multi-day music festivals have cropped up in the last year alone. Millennials shell out big money for unique, curated music experiences, and corporate sponsors are spending millions to reach them.  Fan data, analytics and technology are driving decision-making at every level. Learn how the music festival industry is using data and technology to find and retain attendees, improve customer experiences and select bands.

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Friday, March 11, 3:30-4:30PM at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

From personalized product recommendations and mobile POS systems to virtual fitting rooms and iBeacon geo-targeting to cut down on lines, brands know that they need to take it to the next level to impress and retain customers.  However, all of these advances wouldn’t be possible or impactful without big data.  Customers have been giving companies access to their data for years and now they’re expecting a more direct, personalized relationship with the brands they love.  In this session, learn how marketing rock stars at some of the most innovative brands are using data to better understand their customers, power predictive analytics, deliver top-notch customer experiences and drive ROI.

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Friday, March 11, 8PM at ACL Live at The Moody Theater

After the panels, we’ll drop the formalities and turn ACL Live at the Moody Theater into a full on party, featuring Bloc Party and Emily Bell. Leveraging Umbel’s digital genome, guests will interact with beautiful and massive installations to understand how their music preferences compare to the party-goers as a whole. We hope you’ll come get super groovy with us!


Stay tuned for more information about the panels – we’ll reveal the industry leading experts from some pretty prestigious companies, that we have in store for you!