Webinar: 10 Specific Ways to Use Data to Increase Conversions

Before you expand into another channel, wouldn’t it be great to boost conversions for the campaigns you already have running?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it analytically and with 100% certainty for retail, sports, entertainment, nonprofits or any other business model?

Fortunately, you can and it’s not difficult. The secret to boosting conversions is putting your customer data to work.

Join Matt Price, Director of Solutions Engineering at Umbel, for our webinar on 10 Specific Ways to Use Customer Data to Increase Conversions. We will cover:

  • How to get the most of your PPC spend
  • How to understand what your audience wants and needs with better segmentation
  • What Lifetime Value can tell you about customer spending
  • How to acquire online leads at offline events
  • Examples of companies who have successfully used data to increase conversions and much more!