How 4 Women in Data are Revolutionizing Careers in Tech

While women are severely underrepresented in the technology sector, four bold women are spearheading changes at their respective companies – and using data to help lead this transformation.

During a 2016 SXSW Interactive panel titled “Smart Women Using Smart Data to Rise to the Top,” these panelist congregated to discuss why it’s an empowering time for women to be in the technology sector – and how women can help each other bolster the number of women pursuing careers in STEM.

Johanna Murphy of Rag & Bone stressed the importance of women helping other women by demystifying the data space in order to empower our next generation to not be fearful of technology, math, data and science – areas that are typically saturated with men.

Sandy Carter of IBM pointed out that when she attended school many years ago, around 20% of her computer science and math classmates were women. She falsely predicted that by the time her daughter attended school, the number of women pursuing a STEM degree would eventually occupy 50% of the classroom, however statistics show that the number of women in technology continues to decline.

However, the public health sector offers far more promise when it comes to women in tech, states Jessica Federer of Bayer, with around 50% of research and development roles being populated by women at Bayer.

Lisa Pearson, president of Umbel, encouraged the panelists to share their own journeys of how they’ve achieved success in their typically male-dominated fields. The panelists imparted sage advice for women who are in their nascent stages of career development or perhaps looking to pivot their existing roles.

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