GDPR Checklist: Procrastination Time’s Over [Infographic]

With less than six months to go until May 25, 2018, a full 45 percent of sports and entertainment professionals haven’t begun to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That’s what we found in a global survey of over 400 sports and entertainment marketers, technologists, and executives prior to our webinar featuring experts from Sheridans Law, Winners FDD, and Umbel.

That on its own may not be particularly alarming; as Phil James, Partner at Sheridans pointed out, GDPR impacts only those organizations selling goods or services to EU residents. As attendees also learned, however, that doesn’t let companies outside the EU off the hook. Numerous leagues sell merchandise to EU residents and hold events in the EU (for example, the NFL’s International Series). For affected organizations, they may need to make adjustments to how they reach out to fans, how they store their data, and even the vendors they work with.

What should be worrisome is that 35 percent of over 400 sports and entertainment professionals don’t even know if they’ll have to make changes to comply with GDPR, including over 52 percent of US professionals and 26 percent of UK professionals.

Download our checklist of 5 steps to prepare for GDPR

As our panel broke down during the webinar, the monetary risks of improperly storing audience data are high, but there could be an even greater risk—your organization’s reputation. The webinar covered not only the areas to focus on in preparation, but why prepare before the regulation takes effect. “GDPR doesn’t just apply to personal data you collect on a data subject after May 2018; it applies to everything you’ve ever collected,” Decima Kunz, Umbel’s Director of Product Management, explained. “You need to audit all the personal data you’ve collected and/or processed [… ]If you haven’t, you need a plan to address that and most companies need time to put those plans in place.”

Keep scrolling for a rundown of GDPR insights for sports and entertainment professionals in our infographic or download our one-page checklist to get your house in order by May 2018.







Infographic recapping Umbel's GDPR webinar, with a summary of the 5 steps to prepare

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