[Webinar] 5 Steps Teams and Venues Must Take Before 2018’s GDPR

Organizations aren’t ready for GDPR, the General Protection Data Regulation. Only 40 percent of companies in the UK have begun preparing for the wide-ranging privacy regulation as of mid-2017, along with 28 percent in the EU and only five percent of those in the US. But it’s going to impact a huge number of organizations, particularly marketing departments—anyone who sells good and services to EU residents will be subject to the regulation.

And though GDPR won’t go into effect until May 2018, you’ll need to get ready before then. Any data collected or stored without complying with GDPR, anyone you email without having them explicitly opt in, and potentially any cookies you use may result in a fine equal to four percent of your company’s global annual turnover.Image promoting webinar on GDPR and what it means for sports and entertainment professionals.

Join Umbel and iSportConnect on Thursday, November 30, 2017 at 10 AM CST for our webinar with Phil James (Partner at Sheridans law firm), Fiona Green (Director and Co-Founder of Winners FDD), and Decima Kunz (Director of Product Management at Umbel), where you’ll learn:

  • The ramifications and penalties teams will face if they violate GDPR
  • Common misconceptions around the new regulation
  • How experts in IT and marketing are preparing
  • 5 steps to take before GDPR hits in 2018

The entire landscape of sports and entertainment marketing is about to change. Will you be ready or watch the ground shift under your feet?

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