Reaching the Right Fans with Audience Segments [Infographic]

You’re never going to have trouble selling some of your events—your home openers, playoff games, and if you play host to non-sports events, concerts for bands like U2s or Guns N’ Roses (yes, still!). But what about your other events? Those middle-of-the-season, middle-of-the-week, middle-of-the-day games against middle-of-the-road teams? Time to put fan segments to work.

We recently sat down with Amanda Cifu from the NHL’s Florida Panthers for a webinar diving into six killer fan segments that venues and pro sports teams use to drive ticket sales, sell merchandise, and enhance the fan experience. During the webinar, we found out that most teams are already doing some kind of segmentation, but many aren’t going far beyond the basics like age and location.

Watch our on-demand webinar with the Florida Panthers to get creative with powerful segments

Responses from a survey of over 400 sports and entertainment professionals

Why? Well, we asked another question that pointed us in the right direction: “What are your biggest hurdles in selling tickets and merchandise?” Higher than fluctuating team performance, ad budget, or fan acquisition was lacking data to understand fans with 44 percent.

And fans want to be understood. They get bombarded with so much advertising every day, if your messaging doesn’t resonate, they’ll ignore it the next time they see it. Fan data helps teams and venues not only know who to reach and when, but what message will make them take the action you want them to take. So before you run your next email campaign to four different age groups, take a second and see if you can get a little more creative.

Check out our on-demand webinar to get a deep dive on how the Panthers are learning more about fans so they can use these segmentation techniques and get a quick rundown of the six revenue-maximizing audience segments in the infographic below.

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