Facebook ROI Secrets for Sports & Entertainment [Guide]

No matter whether you’re a brand, sports team, venue or individual, chances are you’re on Facebook. There are nearly 1.8 billion active monthly Facebook users around the world (not even counting Instagram or WhatsApp, which are owned by Facebook.

Of course, being on Facebook doesn’t mean you’re getting the most you can out of it.

With years of experience running sophisticated campaigns for teams across the NBA, NHL, NCAA and others, along with events spanning the entertainment industry, we’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to help fan organizations, whether you’re just starting out or if you’re already successful and want to make the most of Facebook data across every channel.

In our new guide, Crack Facebook ROI for sports and events, we’ll look at the keys to consistently engaging your fans on the biggest social network on earth, including how to:

  • Use Facebook Insights about your page’s audience

  • Use social authentication to get even deeper insights (on or off of Facebook)

  • Make the most of your data to run creative, targeted campaigns to sell tickets and merchandise

Whether your fans like your page on Facebook or not, collecting and unifying data from your most ardent supporters will keep the conversation online going, grow your fanbase, and keep the stands packed week after week. Click below to get our guide on how to make it happen.

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