How 3 Industries Can Convert Facebook Data into Revenue

When your business depends on keeping your customers engaged and coming back week after week in a noisy marketplace, you need one thing: data. Whether your audience is concertgoers, membership or nonprofit constituents, or sports fans, data helps reveal who those people are (i.e., names and emails), but beyond that, helps capture their attention by knowing what makes them tick.

We recently held a series of webinars around how sports teams, entertainment companies (including venues and festivals), and membership organizations (such as museums and nonprofits) can not only engage people via social channels, but also use the data that people offer up on those channels to find new customers and improve targeting across every channel.

Here are recaps of all three, along with recordings you can watch when you’re ready to turn #datatodollars at your own company.


This webinar focused on engagement both in and out of the stadium. Sports fans are enthusiastic enough to paint their faces and go to games week after week, but that doesn’t mean that sports teams know them. At all. They can walk into stadiums with tickets bought off StubHub or given to them by a friend and the team won’t have any idea who they are.

Umbel’s Director of Digital Media Services, Katie Wahlman, walked through how teams like the Indiana Pacers and Arizona Coyotes are revealing hidden fans while engaging them with engagement campaigns, including gated wifi and voting promotions. She showed how those campaigns can be used to:

  • Increase sponsorship inventory

  • Run compelling ticket sales campaigns across Facebook and other platforms

  • Make your other customer data (e.g., email, ticketing) more valuable

  • And much, much more

Check out the webinar below:


With 76 percent of all content about festivals being shared on Facebook and 32 million people attending them annually, Facebook can be a powerful asset for festival organizers, but also for non-music events and other venues.

Touching on Facebook Live, #hashtags, and how other social networks fit into an event strategy, the focus here was on how to make the most of your social campaigns, including:

  • How to discover what artists your audience is interested in to promote your lineup and future events

  • The ideal campaigns for ticket sales, awareness and engagement, and retargeting

  • An ideal posting schedule to fight waning organic reach on Facebook

  • How to make data collection campaigns engaging for audience members

Watch the webinar below:



This part of the series put the spotlight on how memberships like the YMCA of Austin and Denver Museum of Nature and Science make the most of data around their members and donors.

For memberships, it’s not enough to know what brands someone likes, so being able to segment your audience by their interests and the causes they’re interested is crucial to a targeted digital strategy. We talked about how to go above and beyond the basics in your campaigns, including:

  • Why you don’t necessarily want to take donations directly on Facebook

  • Tax credits vs emotions in ad campaigns

  • How the last 3 days of the year can make or break the next

  • The difference between quantity of audience data and depth of audience data

Click play to watch the webinar:

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