2018 NFL Social Draft [Infographic]

With the draft underway in Arlington, questions are swirling around: Who will be selected? In what round? For what reason? But what about players’ value off the field?

Our friends at MVPindex put an infographic together using data from their platform to find out who’s coming into the draft with the most social media value. While sponsors have already found their way to some of these players, others are free brand agents and could present a massive opportunity in the new season. Not only for brands who had the most popular activations last season, including Adidas, Bose and Under Armour, but non-endemic brands ready to invest in a hot commodity.

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In the new infographic, they run down not only 2018’s top social draftees and the estimated monetary value of their social presence, but also the social channels having the most impact for prospects, the top branded player activations in the 2017-18 season, and the value draftees are already creating for sponsors. Check out the infographic below and then download MVPindex’s report featuring a recap of last season’s top activations and best practices for players heading into the new season.


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