3 Ways Sports Teams Collect First-Party Data

Sports marketing is a different breed of marketing.

The sports fan is already loyal to and engaged with their product. The marketer’s real challenge is to create campaigns that are unique and exciting that build on an already aware consumer. Here are three ideas for constructing your next sports marketing campaign.

Voting Promotions

Player of the Month, Man of the Match and Play of the Game promotions tie into fandom loyalty and discourse. Not only does it provide fans an opportunity to tout their dedication, but savvy marketers also gather targeted profile data and turn that information into actionable marketing segments within their DMP. Knowing fan’s preferences via voting promotions can tailor your messaging, incentives and marketing actions. A leading wireless provider built a sports hall of fame promotion with our voting campaign tool. Since they deployed the campaign, they have generated 27,400 new emails and user profile data, gather targeted user data such as school affiliation and (for SMS voters) cell phone numbers and collected over 12,000 unique social network profiles.

Example of an Umbel meme generator

Meme Generator

According to Bazaarvoice, eighty-six percent of millennials say that user-generated content is a good indicator of the quality of a brand or service. Memes allow marketers to build a destination for fans to create their branded content and share it instantly (or after a targeted form capture) via social networks. Seeing a custom-designed, branded meme shared on facebook or twitter creates a connection to your brand with a fan’s voice and personality. Teams who have deployed a meme UGC campaign have on average 1,000 plus user-generated memes over the first few weeks of deployment.


We all want to feel like we know our team. We kept with our team when they were losing; we showed our support when they were exceptional. We can name the starting lineup for each season, where the players went to college and what they ate for breakfast. And we want others to know that we know. The trivia campaign was built with this fan mentality in mind and allows sports marketers to create promotions, expand data profiles, or increase brand engagement. A large broadcast agency built an immersive trivia landing page for their native application, and, in conjunction with a live broadcast, they generated over 87,600 user engagements and were able to increase their native app downloads.

These are a few ways we have seen sports marketers use Umbel’s campaign tools to engage with their sports fans. If you want to implement these or new ideas, request a demo of our campaign tool to see what else is possible for your sports marketing plans.