Citizen CMO: The Super Bowl Edition

Every other Wednesday, I will compile and share what I’m seeing in the media about marketing.

This week’s Citizen CMO is focused on Super Bowl 2016, the most significant time of the year for advertisers.

Let’s look at tactics popular brands are using, tips on optimizing Super Bowl buzz on a tight budget and learning what brands gain from spending tons of advertising dollars on this single day every year.

What a CMO Looks Like When He Knows His Super Bowl Ad Was a Total Waste As we all know, the Super Bowl isn’t just about football. It’s about pushing boundaries and exploring creative ideas. Brands spend several months and a significant amount of money on developing these commercials. But how do marketers really know if all that money they have invested is really paying off? With a data-driven strategy, of course!

5 Creative Trends You’ll Likely See When You Tune Into Super Bowl 50 What marketer doesn’t love to analyze commercials during the Super Bowl? Each year, we are surprised by new themes and carefully crafted ploys brands use during their quick 30 seconds of (hopefully positive) reinforcing fame. See what themes the top creatives in the advertising industry have predicted for this year’s Super Bowl showdown.

You Can Do Super Bowl Marketing on a Shoestring Budget The cost of advertising during the Super Bowl climbs every single year and is up to $5 million dollars for a 30-second slot. Here are a few ways to leverage the buzz of the Super Bowl for marketers who don’t have the luxury of a frivolous budget.

Is A Super Bowl Ad Really Worth $5 Million? Speaking of cost, what’s the big deal with advertising during the Super Bowl, anyways? Why are brands spending millions of dollars each year to land that 30-second spot? The answer to this question is debatable. When popular brands make the plunge to spend that kind of money, there are three important factors that weigh heavily on their decision, which are revealed in this article.

The Hidden Costs Behind Doritos’ Popular Super Bowl Ads Ah, the infamous Doritos commercials. They always hit just the right balance of funny and compelling. Sadly enough, this year will be the last year of the ‘Smash the Super Bowl Contest.’ But why is Doritos giving up something that’s worked in their favor for so many years? Learn why Doritos (and many other brands) are now steering clear of consumer generated ads.