[Webinar] Turning Sports Fans’ “Likes” into Data and Dollars

Who do you think is easier to talk to: jwx394@gmail.com, name unknown, or Maggie Jones, single sports fan, whose zipcode is 78759 and whose favorite snack is Doritos? Anyone would prefer Maggie Jones, but all too many companies are trying to engage fans without knowing anything about them.

Big data’s been thrown around as a buzzword for years now, but the fact remains: data can help you market to fans and sell tickets. And social data is a massive untapped opportunity for fan organizations across the globe.

Sports teams and organizations know that they need more data, and many are already collecting and storing a lot of it. Some of the questions that organizations struggle with are what data is important and how they can take meaningful action with that data.

Check out our recorded webinar, where Umbel’s Director of Digital Media, Katie Wahlman will walk through how to:

  • Collect the right data (and why “more” is not the same as “deeper”)

  • Run data-driven marketing campaigns

  • Use Facebook likes to drive sales

  • Leverage in-venue apps to collect data, sell sponsorship, and engage fans

Whether it’s through email, your ticketing service, or your mobile app (and hopefully, all of the above), the foundation’s there. Now it’s time to start engaging your fans.

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