[Report] Analyzing the NFL’s Social Fans

While NFL broadcast ratings may have dipped in the 2017-18 season, its fans are still some of the most engaged and passionate online, interacting with teams across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The Super Bowl alone had over 170 million social media interactions.

After comparing the fans of the Big Game’s two teams, we’re taking a look at fans of all 32 teams, ranking their reach and engagement, and comparing their social strategies. We began by looking at followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Of course, followers aren’t everything. So we weighted those numbers with measures from Klout and Sprinklr of reach, engagement, mentions, and response time from the 2017 pre-season through the Super Bowl.

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With a fan-driven mindset, for each team, we jumped into the Umbel platform to look at an anonymous subset of followers of those teams. From there, we looked at insights among other pages those followers collectively liked on Facebook, including top athletes, top local sports teams among NFL fans, and unique affinities among each team’s fans (including those of sponsors and brands that maybe should be sponsors).

Finally, we looked into posting styles, schedules, and channel focus for each teams. With league imposed restrictions on certain content, we found some similarities, but a lot of differences in how teams engage, and monetize, their fan bases.

Click below to download the report and learn how teams are reaching their social fans, and how they can optimize their strategies to drive digital revenue.

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