Revealing the NHL’s Social Media Fans [Report + Infographic]

The NHL might not have quite the social following of La Liga or the NBA, but NHL fans are still some of the most engaged and passionate sports fans out there. They follow teams’ (and to a less extent, players’) every moves across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

We recently analyzed followers of popular teams across five leagues, and wanted to take a closer look at hockey fans across the US and Canada. And we found out some interesting insights.

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Some you might expect, like fans of Canadian teams having a stronger affinity for Molson Canadian. Others surprised us, like those same Canadian fans liking Jack Daniel’s far more than their US counterparts. Or the LA Kings’ mascot, Bailey the Lion, being more popular than any of the players.

While we also found a lot of similarities in how teams approached reaching those fans with their social media strategy (e.g., striking in-game photography, replay videos), we also found quite a few differences. Some teams rely heavily on emoji and others use them more sparingly. All the teams are on Snapchat, but only some push heavily toward their Snapchat handles in their profiles for other social channels.

How teams weave in players, sponsors and affiliate teams varies also. Some tag or share content from players, sponsors, and AHL affiliates or other local teams, while others will include the sponsor’s logo or the player’s name in posts, but not call further attention to them.

Find our infographic below with insights on the league, US vs Canadian team fans, and five teams with the largest followings. Want fan insights on every team? Get our 2017 NHL social power rankings and learn:

  • Which players rank as social MVPs for each team (and which teams had no players rank)
  • Top likes and fans’ second favorite teams
  • Unique affinities we surfaced among fan bases
  • Different ways each team approaches reaches their fans on social media

Infographic depicting NHL's social media fans

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