Social Bowl 2018: Eagles vs Patriots Fans [Infographic]

Will the Philadelphia Eagles pick up their first Super Bowl win? Will the Patriots pick up their sixth title? Will M&Ms outweird Skittles?

Most experts predict the Patriots might clinch it, but fans of both teams are passionate this weekend (Eagles fans, perhaps, too passionate), so we wanted to take a look at what those fan bases looked like. We did it by looking at an anonymous set of each time’s followers on Facebook, and analyzing them in the Umbel platform.

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From there, we compared their affinities for different brands and their demographics. What’d we find? Well, even if they might not want to admit it, there were quite a few similarities between the two fan bases since they’re both localized around large cities in the Northeast—more similarities than our last matchup for the 2017 World Series.

But we did find some major differences (three guesses who likes Tom Brady more) that you can check out in our infographic below. Want to know about the other teams? Check out our NFL Social Media Report, featuring insights on all 32 teams’ social strategies along with:

  • Which players rank as social MVPs for each team (and which teams had no players rank)
  • Top likes and fans’ second favorite teams
  • Unique affinities we surfaced among fan bases

An infographic showing 8 differences between Patriots and Eagles fans using the Umbel platform

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