We’re on a Mission to Keep Sports Fans in Their Seats — Join us!

It’s grim news out there folks. For sports teams, the core of their business — ticket sales — is taking a slow, but noticeable, dive.

Seriously, the Colts, Bengals and Packers have all had trouble selling out their stadiums (and for playoff games, too). The problem doesn’t only exist for the NFL either. The Reds are blaming the media for their slow ticket sales, the Twins’ sales fell 9% this year and the Tigers are employing new ticketing methods in an attempt to make the process more convenient for the customer. In the NBA, the Denver Nuggets ran the league’s first ever Facebook ticket sale campaign — which was three times more effective for selling tickets than traditional marketing tactics.

The truth is that the traditional methods of ticket sales just aren’t grabbing the attention of new age fans — the ones on social media and using mobile to make payments. These fans either aren’t noticing newspaper ads and TV placements, or aren’t acting on them because they aren’t popping up on their mobile apps. And for the marketing and sales teams working on behalf of sports organizations, this lack of action might seem as though the heyday of sports fandom is slowly dying.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Activating your online audience, where sports teams often have more than 500K followers and fans, no longer requires a tech team. In fact, all you need is something as simple as a signed jersey, an email list and Umbel’s activation app. Overnight, you can get up to 75% of your audience activated, and then start analyzing who converts to ticket sales and why, and then easily see how to gain more fans like the ones who purchased.

Better yet, we can help you gain those revenue generating customers more efficiently than any other form, and for a higher ROI, too.

The secret? We help you identify your audience, understand them, and then talk to them where they are already talking about you: online and amongst their friends.

F1 US Grand Prix and the Redskins have already used Umbel to optimize ticket sales and grow their social media following, resulting in generating millions of pageviews, thousands of likes and hundreds of ticket sales.

Check out these stats, if you need proof:

F1 US Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas

– implemented the platform in 24 hours
– saw 6X ROI over normal sales
– 250 million total impressions
– 8 million unique impressions
– increased Facebook likes by more than 30K
– 80% of traffic to dedicated ticket sale pages were new
– 49% of online sales came from Umbel’s platform


– implemented the platform in 24 hours
– converted 74% of tested audience to allow data sharing via social media
– 52% higher click-thru rate than Facebook’s Custom Audiences
– 22% lower CPC than Facebook’s Custom Audiences

Here’s the bottom line: we get sports. We grew up at those stadiums, under those bright lights, taking in the smell of a fresh court, cheering for our heroes from seats our parents told us were “the best in the house.”

And we get it — for marketers and sales guys working for professional sports teams, ticket sales are the highest priority. Get more people in your seats, and you sell better sponsorships, more merchandise, and are able to ask a higher price for premium tickets. It’s a win-win, for the teams, the brands and even the fans.

Social identity data gives teams the opportunity to understand not just how many fans they have, but who they are, what they love and why a particular team is close to their hearts. It’s about more than numbers — it’s about an unforgettable experience, from the moment you buy the ticket to the one when you recount how you caught the winning homerun in your center field seat, only to throw it back so the man who hit it could give it to his kids.

It’s about keeping the tradition alive. Online and off.

Want to join us on the mission? Click here for a demo.

Grow Ticket Sales at Umbel from Umbel on Vimeo.