Target Your Most Valuable Fans [Free Guide]

When you look at your team’s schedule before the season starts, there are always certain games that jump out. It’s not the rivalry games or the ones that fall on holidays that your eyes hone in on. Instead, it’s often the games you know will be a hard sell.

Let’s face itthere will always be at least one game that leaves sports marketers wondering, “How are we going to sell this one?” Maybe it’s a weekday day game that’s had historically low attendance or another game hiding in the shadow of a huge event going on across town.

We’ve found that running hyper-specific campaigns that leverage your fans’ first-party data and target your team’s most valuable fan segments can be highly effective. That way, you can be sure the right fans are receiving the right message at the right time.

Download the Most Valuable Fan Segments in Sports guide to see how you can reach more fans

To get you started, we’ve assembled a guide with the most valuable fan segments in sports. Like any great coach, this is the playbook you’ll want to keep in your back pocket and use when the time is right to drive the ball (i.e., ticket sales) down the field.

How these most valuable fan segments (MVFS) will make you the MVP

Whether you’re starting to feel that mid-season attendance slump or are preparing for your season to begin in the coming months, these fan segments will help you consider new ways to convert fans that you may not have been reaching before.

Perhaps you’ll want to segment based on player affinity or the special interests of your fans. We’ll walk you through the fan data you’ll need for each segment, outline a few best practices on how to use the data in marketing campaigns, and highlight specific examples of success stories along the way.

In The Most Valuable Fan Segments in Sports guide, you’ll discover:

  • All the sources you can use to gather fan data in a way that satisfies GDPR regulations and how you can make sense of that data in a meaningful way
  • 13 targeted segments we’ve found to maximize revenue for sports teams—as well as their sponsors—around the world
  • How to convert fans who have never even considered attending a game
  • Insights on how to use those segments to drive your bottom line through ROI campaigns

You might think you know who you’re targeting, but this guide will help you get more specific (and effective) than ever before.

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