WEBINAR: Find and Keep Fans: How Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Turns Unknown Fans Into Ticket Buyers

In sports, getting a clear picture of who your fans are can be a challenge.

Who are they? What do they like? What motivates them to come back or upgrade to season ticket holders?

Having the answer to these questions is usually murky at best. That’s why sports teams like Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment are using data to turn unknown fans and convert them into ticket buyers.

Join Umbel for our webinar on September 28 at 11 AM CST with Brooke Eaton, Director of Digital Marketing and Mike Shear, Director of Business Strategy & Analytics at Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment.

You will learn how they are using data to:

•Get a clear picture of who their fans are and what brands they like

•Run special promotions to gather more insights on their fans

•Collect more data by using wi-fi, beacons and apps

•Segment fans and create customized marketing campaigns and in-venue experiences

Unlock the fan puzzle and join us for this lively webinar that will teach you how to collect and use fan data.