19 May: 7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Data In Check

When navigating through mounds of new customer data, it can often be unclear what direction you should turn. In an effort to help marketers make smarter decisions, here are seven simple ways to keep your data clean, in order, and most importantly, useful. 1.)…


15 Mar: The Future of Big Data and AI

The thought of living and working next to robots at one point in our lives sounded like a pipe dream. But we are currently witnessnessing incremental changes in the way we live and work – and AI and robots are slowly trickling their way…


17 Nov: Is Everyone Doing Data Without Me?

The Mindy Kaling thought that always enters my head is, “has everyone figured out how to do this but me?” The marketing revolution is upon us, but my job is looking only slightly different. Am I going to get left behind?