19 Data Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Looking for the perfect last minute gift? Here’s a list of great data related gifts for everyone.

For the person hates boring wall art:

1. On the Road Data Poster

Here’s a data gift for your favorite English major friend. Get them one of Stefanie Posavec’s beautiful data visualizations about Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road.” They’re gorgeous and geeky.

2. Wood & Watercolor Laser Cut Map

Commission a custom wooden laser cut map from this Etsy shop for your long distance friends. Simply choose an address that’s special to you — where you met, your favorite haunt, or an inside joke — and they’ll received a beautiful piece of wall art. It’s the perfect personalized geographic gift.

3. Beer Cap USA

A modern twist on the old magnet maps, this beer cap map is a quirky way to track your domestic travel. Perfect the beer loving traveler you are almost certain to know.

4. Vintage Data Poster

Keep technology in perspective with this vintage data storage poster. A lovely ode to data of days past. Great for the guy or girl who collects typewriters, but actually works on a Macbook Pro.

For the fitness data junkie:

5. Studded Fitbit Bracelet

Since not all stylish Fitbit lovers are Tory Burch fans, here’s an edgier alternative for the girl who wants to wear her steps with a little moto-style.

6. Monochrome

Get your favorite active urbanite a shirt with a map of their neighborhood on it. The stylish Monochrome designs take any address and transform into it into a sweet tee or tank (or skirt or pillow). Wonderful for the runner your know who is always getting lost.

7. Moov

Moov is for people who are tired of their biking/swimming/yoga/lifting not showing up on their Fitbits. Get one for the active non-runner in your life.

For the vintage & analog data lover:

8. Scratch Off City Maps

Try this scratch off map for an analog approach to Foursquare. It’s a much better souvenir than 25 rainsoaked selfies in front of London monuments and a fun way to explore a new city (or rediscover an old one). Plus, the map itself is so lovely you’ll want to hang it on your wall when you’re done.

9. Floppy Disk Earrings

Pick up this adorable pair of floppy disk earrings for the data lover who enjoys a quirky throwback. Anyone under 12 will probably ask you why you’re wearing a “save” icon on your ears, but the old timers in the crowd will marvel and reminisce about the good ol’ floppy days.  

10. Vintage Data Sticker

Alright, there’s only one of these, but this vintage data sticker (which used to be scratch and sniff) would be a great touch for the sticker encrusted Nalgene or laptop cover of a data lover.  

11. Card Catalog

Another strong choice for book & data lovers is this card catalog note card system. If you’re still a little sad that you don’t get to sign your name on the card inside the library book, this the note system for you.

For the actual data scientists & designers:

12. Edward Tufte Course

If you really want to impress a data designer you know and love, get them a spot in one of Edward Tufte’s one day classes. Tufte’s the reigning king of data visualization and is sure to cause any data designer to go a little starry eyed.  

13. Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists

This handbook is a great jumping off place for the aspiring data designer you know.  

14. Holiday Pie Chart Tee

Just make sure you gift this one a couple weeks early so the giftee can have a chance to wear this during this holiday season. Perfect for office Christmas parties.

15. Boxplot Snowflake Ornament

Take the Christmas tree to a new level of nerdy with this box plot snowflake ornament. It’s pretty enough to pass as a standard flake to a casual observer and nerdy enough to make your data scientist friends smile.

For the person who has everything:

16. 23 & Me

This beautiful at home DNA kit is a cut about average. After your initial report, which covers ancestry and health advice, you can also receive follow-ups based on health news that is relevant to you. Plus, you can compare your genetic traits with your friends and family using their beautiful interactive platform.

17. Data Coffee Cup

This coffee cup is perfect for a design conscious coffee lover who wouldn’t be caught dead drinking from a Starbucks seasonal mug. Iohanna Nicenboim, the artist behind this unique cup, tracked her coffee consumption for a week and made a topographic layer to represent each morning.

18. Privacy Begins At Home Ad

This awesome vintage IBM ad is great for that person you know who is always railing on about net neutrality, quoting 1984, and actually reading his or her iTunes terms of service agreement.

19. Bubble Calendar

For the particularly hard to shop for person on your list, I recommend the Bubble Calendar. A 2016 calendar is a thing everyone needs around the holidays and packing bubbles are a thing everyone loves. Easy win.