Build Night: How to Build an LED Reindeer

Each month Umbel Labs hosts a build night for employees, friends and families. Build nights often riff off of existing work we’re already carrying out in the lab. Since we’re presently prototyping devices for IOT (Internet of Things) — specifically around data gathering — this month we offered a project that taught basic soldering skills, how to work with LEDs and how to power a device off of a USB port.

The end result was an LED-enhanced Rudolph that attaches to and is powered by the USB port on one’s computer or a stand alone USB outlet.

In case you want to build your own, here are the parts you will need:

Luckily, the reindeer did not conduct current, therefore we were able to drill two holes in the back of the reindeer’s head through which to run the LED leads.
Drilling into the reindeer proved sufficiently difficult that some team members even talked about modifying a design from thingiverse in order to 3D print the body on one of our printers.
Our team hard at work making unique holiday decor.

Let us know if you try this at home by sending at tweet to @Umbel. Happy Holidays!