Umbel Introduces Lookalike Lead Scoring: A New, Effective Way to Generate Qualified New Leads

It can be daunting to find new customers, ticket buyers or donors.

Where do you look to find new leads? And once you find them, how can you be sure that they’re qualified? And if they are qualified, how do you verify that they are likely to buy or donate? And finally, how do you do all of this without taking up a huge chunk of time?

If you have a good amount of data, you likely have qualified leads in your database and don’t even realize it. This data can come from people who have subscribed to a newsletter, attended an event or logged into in-venue wifi. These people have shown interest in your brand, so they’re often better suited to become a customer or donor.

Umbel is now offering Lookalike Lead Scoring which surfaces and ranks the people in your database who look just like your best customers, so you can efficiently target people who are most likely to buy or donate.

Here’s how Lookalike Lead Scoring works within Umbel:

  1. You choose an ideal group of people within your database (i.e. full-season ticket holders or people who have donated at least $5,000).

  2. Using a specific algorithm, we’ll scour your entire database to find people who look the most like these groups based on demographics, past behaviors and brand affinities.

  3. Then we’ll rank them for you in order of the most qualified leads, so you’ll have a prioritized list that you can start targeting with meaningful messaging.

For example, if you’re a sports team that’s looking to sell more season tickets, you already have historical data on people who have purchased merchandise or single game tickets. Some of these profiles could also fit the profile of what your ideal, existing season ticket holder looks like.

They’re already fans of the team and you likely already have contact information for them, so why not start by targeting them? If you’re a nonprofit that wants to increase donations, you can determine which current members might not have donated yet, but fit the profile of your best donors.

Your sales team no longer needs to shoot in the dark. You no longer need to hire a team of data scientists to do the heavy lifting. All you need to get started is a database with a large number of fan or member profiles and a company like Umbel to do the work. And the good news is that as you continue to collect rich data, you can use lookalike lead scoring to generate even more leads.