Fitness – It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Oh, what? From the looks of our blog you thought all Umbel was about was data rights, data science and good ol’ datanation contemplation? Well, we’re proud to report that simply isn’t the case. See, while we spend the majority of our working hours getting down and dirty in the weeds of data collection, use and security ethics and transparency, we spend our not-at-work hours out in the Austin community, participating in tech startup events that get our bodies working as much as our brains. 

In September, Umbel  team members rallied together and participated in the Fit Company Challenge and the car2go Marathon Relay

In the Fit Company Challenge, the Umbel team placed 3rd in the Fittest Small Companies category, with team member Seth leading the team with his overall 11th place finish, individually. 

In the car2go Marathon Relay, the Umbel team placed 3rd in the Corporate Technology category that included the likes of Samsung, WP Engine, uShip and People Pattern. 

We’re always looking to support employee fitness and every team member is given a FitBit upon employment and entered into the Umbel Fitness Challenge, a small, internal competition on who takes the most steps each month. Of course, the competition isn’t small to those involved, especially when you consider that there is $50 to $100 on the line (if you pass the 250 or 500 mile mark, respectively).

Even better than all our fitness-focused activities over here at Umbel is the fact that we are hiring! From interns to directors and everything in between, if you are interested in joining a tech company fighting for the data rights of the people, we’d love to meet you

Don’t worry – being in shape isn’t a requirement. We have a kegerator, too.