Introducing Umbel’s Truth In Data Newsletter

We at Umbel believe that data will be the most important asset of the future. That’s why we built the best platform to unify and harness the world’s data while ethically respecting and consciously defending the data rights of all. We are passionate about making data beautiful and actionable so that you are empowered to improve your business, improve your self and improve the world. And, in a continued effort to empower you with all the insights and information you need to grow your business, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Truth In Data Newsletter, a free, curated, monthly round-up of big data news, best practices, industry trends, technology updates and expert advice and interviews and more. 

Our editorial team scours hundreds of websites and content sources every month bringing you only the most relevant news and analysis so you are more empowered to harness your data, understand your customers and grow your business. 

Now, because we are a company dedicated to data rights and transparency, let us be clear about what what you will get when you sign up for this monthly newsletter:

Curated News and Information

This isn’t just a newsfeed or aggregator. All the content in our newsletters is either written or hand-curated and vetted by an in-house editorial team to ensure relevancy and high quality of content. 

Learn From The Best

We’ll include industry case studies, real-world success stories, interviews with big data experts, trends and white papers to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important.

We Do The Work To Save You Time

Our editorial team scours hundreds of websites and content sources every month bringing you only the most relevant news and analysis. 

Empowering You To Do The Most With Your Data

Save money, time and effort, and learn how to leverage your Big Data to get the most out of it with our timely and valuable content.

Also – again, to be as transparent as possible – your information will never be shared with any third-party, and will be used internally for personalized outreach in accordance with your shared interests and affinities and for anonymized infographic research. If any of that changes, you will be alerted via email and allowed to opt-out at that time if you no longer wish to participate. 

Want to join us on our mission to make data the most valuable asset you own? Then this newsletter is a really great start! 

Also, check out our careers page for info on open positions, our success stories page for info on how we are making big data make big bucks for some really cool brands or our partners page, where you can get info on who we work closely with, how and why, and if our partnerships can help to make your big data unification process any easier. 

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