Leveling Up – How Umbel and MakerSquare are Opening New Doors

With a background in relationship management and very little technical skill, I entered the MakerSquare program in February 2014.  I knew that I wanted to creatively solve problems and the more code I learned, the more I became excited about a career in the tech industry.  

Over the next three months, I was challenged in a way I had never expected.  I ate, drank, and slept code, working relentlessly with classmates on projects we were tasked to build.  

Nearing the programs end, my partner and I built our final project, “Storm Chaser,” a data-visualization web app for the recorded history of tornadoes in the United States. Taking enormous and forgotten .csv files of scientific data and bringing them to life in an interactive and accessible way was incredibly exciting. That’s when I knew big data and data-visualization was what I wanted to do.

Fast forward to May. I had been pushing my resume out across channels when I came across the opportunity at Umbel. I quickly realized that the work culture, people and product were the perfect fit for me. After getting through the interview process and test project, I was offered the job.

My position at Umbel combines my various skills sets and interests.  As the Client Success Engineer, I work directly with clients from the initial sales cycle, through implementation, and over the life of their relationship with Umbel.  I draw on both my relationship management skills working with clients every day and on my dev skills as I creatively solve problems and collaborate with them to help achieve their goals with the Umbel platform.

Umbel is an incredible place to learn and grow as a developer. During my interview process, I was immediately drawn to the culture and energy of the company.  I shadowed and was mentored by a senior developer over the first months of my employment and that culture of mentorship continues to this day.  Thinking back, I am shocked at how much I’ve learned at Umbel and I’m excited by the opportunities to grow as a developer that this position offers.

Thanks to the positive experience, Makersquare has announced a unique partnership with Umbel, offering an ambitious someone the opportunity to level up and launch a new career with the Umbel engineering team. Umbel will provide a scholarship and job opportunity for a MakerSquare student in our Austin February 2015 cohort.

Further information about the scholarship can be found here.  Feel free to reach out to me at bnagel@umbel.com with any questions!